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2-in-1 Premium Silicone Swim Cap - Reversible - Wear It On Both Sides - Wrinkle-Free Swimming Cap

  • PERFECT GIFT FOR SWIM ENTHUSIASTS! HURRY!Discounted Stock is Limited! Buy with confidence: We have thousands of Happy Customers and the best rated swim cap on Amazon!
  • TWO DIFFERENT USABLE SIDES.Each side is of a different color and you can wear it on either one. MADE TO SLIDE ON EASILY AND STAY ON without snagging your hair. Designed with a precision fit for reduced drag and tear resistance.
  • FASHIONABLE, Eco-friendly & Odorless.Allows you to SWIM FAST due to the premium silicone that reduces drag. Suitable for both adults and youths.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE.Protects your ears and hair from bacteria, chloride and other substances in the water.
  • COMES WITH A FREE BONUS PROTECTIVE BAG that you can take anywhere.This way, your swim cap will last for years.


Are you fed up with swimming caps which don’t fit and the wrinkles causing damage to your hair?

You may find it difficult to focus on your swimming when your cap pulls your hair, causing it to break, as well as the annoying material that wrinkles unevenly. Swimming should be relaxing and entertaining and a good way to train your body, but not when all these struggles get in your way.

Now you can have the best swimming experience and focus on your results

  • Wear it on both sides and never get bored

  • Suit your mood with 2 sides, 2 long-lasting colors

  • Swim unbothered with an accessory which is as light as it is reliable

  • Enjoy an optimum fit thanks to the cap’s ability to stretch easily

  • You won’t be bothered by hair pulling and dragging, even if your hair is long

Professional swimmers approve the 2 in 1 cap which makes your swimming more enjoyable

Renew your swimming equipment with Swim Elite’s double-sided fashionable swim cap!

 A perfect gift for swimming enthusiasts, the 2 in 1 cap is made to slide on easily and stay on for a long time. It won’t damage or snag your hair, even in the case of men, women and kids with long hair. Designed to reduce tear resistance, made of lightweight and odorless premium elastic materials, it suits both young people as well as adults, protecting your hair from the harmful substances in the water.

Improve your performance with Swim Elite

SWIM ELITE is where the water sport performance meets perfectionism in design. We think that quality is the most important feature in any product, and that client satisfaction is the best possible measure of success. What this means to you is that we are constantly improving our products, taking feedback and building better and better items.

Always be satisfied: Your experience with the products is our guideline. Our merch is tried and tested by professional athletes and swimmers.

That’s why your order comes with a BEST QUALITY REASSURANCE.


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