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Mirrored Swim Goggles + Reversible Swimming Cap + Protective Case SET

  • CLAIM YOUR SPECIAL BUNDLE NOW:We always like to offer more. So right now, besides the Premium Hard Case to protect your goggles, we also give you a Swim Elite Cap. You GET DOUBLE the value for this purchase. 
  • LOOK GOOD - Here are 6 Swim Goggle features, made for your needs: Silicone cushions for comfort. 100% U.V. Protection. Anti-Fog Coating. Anti-Shatter Lenses. Mirror Coating. Adjustable Head-Strap.
  • SWIM GOOD - BETTER UNDERWATER VISIONfor your swimming experience: The 180 Degrees field of vision coupled with the NO BLUR  and NO GLARE  finishes reduce tunnel vision and allow you to see more clearly.
  • FEEL GOOD - FULLY LEAK PREVENTABLE TECHNOLOGY. The soft silicone frame and nose bridge are not only designed to be comfortable, but they create the perfect amount of vacuum to KEEP WATER OUT. 
  • ALWAYS BE ENTIRELY SATISFIED:Your experience with the products is our guideline. Our goggles are tested by professional swimmers and instructors. Proudly featured in the Men's Health magazine as one of the best swimming goggles on the market.

Are you looking for a way to avoid the common problems you’re facing when going for a swim? 

You’ve probably found yourself struggling with tears, scratches and falls when going to the pool. Water sports should be fun and relaxing, but when all sorts of difficulties get in your way, you’ll focus more on the issues and less on the task.

This is the main reason we’ve dedicated our research projects to developing a high performance product to help you overcome these problems.

Swim Elite’s Goggles and Reversible Swimming Cap will grant you the best swimming experience

  • Forget losing your goggles in the water with the firm-grip strap

  • Wear them repeatedly with no signs of usage or breakage due to super resistant materials

  • Easy to put on and take off with their one click lock system

  • Perfect fit granted by the 3-size nose bridge

  • Adjust to the ideal strap size with just one move with the dual head-strap

  • Stay 100% protected against harmful UV rays thanks to class A material

Reversible Swim Cap included

Get the double sided, reversible swim cap with two different colors. In order to perform better, you’ll need specialized gear to perfect your swimming experience. So we’ve thought about enhancing our product and make it suitable for your needs.

Made to slide on easily and stay on without snagging your hair and designed with a precision fit for reduced drag and tear resistance, the swimming cap by Swim Elite is dedicated to make performance thrive.  

Perfect your performance with Swim Elite

SWIM ELITE is where the water sport performance meets perfectionism in design. We think that quality is the most important feature in any product, and that client satisfaction is the best possible measure of success. What this means to you is that we are constantly improving our products, taking feedback and building better and better items.

Always be satisfied: Your experience with the products is our guideline. Our goggles are tried and tested by athletes.
That’s why your order comes with a BEST QUALITY REASURANCE.


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