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Silicone Swimming Cap for Kids - Children Swim Cap for Boys and Girls Aged 4-12 - Fun Junior Swim Cap

  • LOOK GOOD - FUNKY COLORFUL DESIGN -Fun swimming cap for kids and toddlers. It's more than a swim cap, it's a fun and good looking swimming companion for your children.
  • SWIM GOOD - PREMIUM SILICONE QUALITY -Our Youth Swim Caps provide top-quality protection for your child's hair and ears. Our kids swimming caps will offer a safe and happy swimming experience.
  • FEEL GOOD - SMOOTH AND COMFORTABLE. The soft silicone makes it easy to wear, allowing your child to enjoy the complete swimming experience each and every time. Ideal for both long and short hair.
  • ALWAYS BE ENTIRELY SATISFIED -Your experience with the products is our guideline. Our Swimming Caps are tested by professional swimmers and instructors. Our goal is to have your children LOOK GOOD, SWIM GOODand FEEL GOOD.


Swim Elite completes its collection of Premium Water Gear with the ALL-NEW Swim Elite SWIM CAPS for KIDS, specially designed to meet your needs and expectations.

Just like all of our Premium Water Gear products, our Kids Swim Caps were designed to make your child LOOK GOOD, SWIM GOOD and FEEL GOOD.

How do we manage to do that?

We chose the friendliest, funkiest and most colorful designs, so that they can be more than a swim cap. With each Swim Cap, we designed a playful swimming partner for your child, that always looks happy and cheerful.

We wanted to provide your child with the best swimming experience, so we created a premium Swim Cap that offers comfort and protection under water.

Swimming is one of the most fun experiences for kids. It’s playful and healthy at the same time. That’s why we balanced a funky design with a premium quality. Now, your child can fully enjoy swimming and being free in water.


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