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Jammers for Men - Swimming Jammers for Men and Boys – Swim Pants

  • WATERPROOF CARRYING BAG INCLUDED -Transport your swimming equipment safely, without getting everything in your bag wet. The jammers come in a waterproof case so you can easily carry them, which you get extra.
  • SWIM LIKE A PRO - Suited for repeated wearing, the ultra-thin and breathable fabric retains its shape, being elastic enough to fit all sizes for both young boys and men. Train better with super soft chlorine-resistant swimwear.
  • ENJOY THE USES OF GREAT COMFORT AND PERFECT FIT -Its flat-locked seams have anti-chafing properties allowing this swim jammer to provide support and coverage. Enhancing muscle compression, the swimsuit aims to reduce muscle fatigue and aid in the recovery of muscular tension. The snug fit which compresses the body can help to reduce the friction associated with moving forward in the water, making them perfect for extra speed. 
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE -To perfectly fit your body shape and size, the one-piece swimming jammer is enhanced with an elastic drawstring. Granting optimal stretch, they provide a perfect, body-hugging fit and soft comfort.
  • CHLORINE RESISTANT, QUICK DRY AND NO CHEMICALS -Stay safe and protected thanks to the materials used for the design of these shorts, which minimize the effect of UV rays and chlorine. The superior color retention fabric dries quickly thanks to its water repellent technology, while its stretching properties add durability, making them fit even after prolonged use.




Does your swimming equipment keep your focus away from results?

Quality swimwear is hard to come across. Surely you’ve used uncomfortable swimming jammers, with seams that cause chafing and overall, materials which don’t provide the compression you need. Your muscles shouldn’t be tensed, and all the energy you consume while struggling with bad swimwear is better off invested in performance and extra speed in water.

Swim Elite Jammers will provide the comfort you need so you can stay focused on training

  • Enjoy great comfort while obtaining the desired results
  • No more muscle fatigue
  • Recover from muscular pain or cramps thanks to optimal compression
  • Move faster reducing water friction
  • Gain extra speed thanks to full support and coverage

Adjust easily to each size with an elastic drawstring

All the best features to ensure result-oriented performance

Keep your stuff safe

Don’t worry about the rest of your stuff getting wet. The jammers come with an extra carrying bag, which is also waterproof, so you transport everything safely.

Enhanced swimming gear grants optimum results

Whether you’re a professional swimmer or thinking about becoming one, or if you’re trying to find the perfect gift for someone who performs water sports, these swimming shorts are what you’re looking for.


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