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July 22, 2020

Finding your perfect fit of swimming goggles, is like finding the love of your life. You just know deep down that life will never be the same because it just feels so right - It’s the same with your swimming goggles!


What Makes a Perfect Pair of Swimming Goggles?


A perfect pair of swimming goggles will feel natural on your face, like you were born with them on. The trick is to find the pair that will feel most comfortable for you without any water leakage.


As everybody’s face shape is different, sometimes a pair of goggles that would fit your friend perfectly won’t give you the same fit. It can take some trial and error while searching for your perfect match, but don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. This quick guide will show you exactly what to look out for while searching for your perfect match.


Consider These Points to Make a Great Choice


There are a few things to consider before buying your new set of swimming goggles, from size, to lenses, to straps and even purpose. Take a quick look to see out how you can find your perfect fit.


Purpose – Take into account what kind of swimming practice you will be taking up; this will play a big role in the price as well as functionality. There is a wide range of different shaped goggles for you to choose from. For instance, wider oval mask shaped goggles are great if you only need to see straight ahead of you, but they won’t help if you are swimming laps as these goggles blur your peripheral vision and are not built for speed. Smaller sized goggles also called Swedish goggles, have cupped lenses that are specifically designed to fit snugly around your eye sockets. This is to help with your swimming speed and visibility. Mask goggles can tend to be more comfortable while Swedish goggles are designed to increase your swimming speed and give you clearer visibility.  


Straps – Remember to take a good look at the straps on the goggles. They need to fit firmly as they are responsible for keeping your goggles in place and water tight. If your strap is too loose or a bad fit, your goggles will slip down your face. If you can find an adjustable set that comes with interchangeable nose pieces, it will allow you to tweak the fit for better comfort.


Lenses – If you will be swimming a lot in bright sunlight, a tinted or mirrored lens is ideal to shield your eyes from the glare. However, if you will only be swimming indoors, a regular set would be just fine. Depending on if you wear prescription glasses, you may need to enquire with your optometrist about your options.  


Look Out with Online Purchasing


Current global events have made online shopping the first choice for shopping. Remember to always check before you go ahead with your order, that the retailer has a friendly returns policy as it may take a few tries before finding your ideal set.


We hope that you have found this article helpful in your search for the perfect goggles. If there is anything extra that you need to know or need help with, reach out to us! We are here to help you anyway we can.


Pro-Tip: To see if your goggles will be water tight without trying them on,

press the goggles tightly against your face to see if there is firm suction

against your skin.


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