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July 22, 2020

If you are starting out as a swimmer, here are 10 tips and tricks that will help make your life a little easier, while giving you a more enjoyable learning experience.


– 1 –

Invest in a Good Pair of Goggles

The day you choose your first set of goggles, is the day that you will know what it feels like to have superpowers. A good set of goggles will ensure that you can see crystal clear under the water and have free ease of movement.


– 2 –

Invest in a Good Swim Cap

Swimming regularly in a chlorinated swimming pool can damage your hair and scalp by making it dry and flaky. A swim cap will help stop this from happening. You will also find that it will help you to increase your speed and cut

down the drag factor.


– 3 –

Do Warm Up Exercises

While swimming may look like the most relaxing sport on earth, it really can be straining on your muscles. During your swimming session, you will end up using every single major muscle group inside of your body. Try gliding exercises for a few minutes first every time to get used to the water and warm up your body before your session.


– 4 –

Clean Your Goggles

Using your goggles on a very regular basis, can leave them in need of a clean. The pool chemicals and other build up in the water can gather on the lenses making it difficult to see. Be sure to buy some goggle cleaner to keep them clean before swims.


– 5 –

Take Deep Breaths

How deep you breathe, will play a large role in how you swim. Take a short while everyday to do some breathing exercises to train your lungs to hold more oxygen.


– 6 –

Choosing Swim Gear

When you are choosing your swim gear, make sure that you are choosing what works best for you and not what looks good. Look and brand is important, but comfort and fit are essentially what will benefit you most in the long run.


– 7 –

Keep Warm

If you get cold easily in the water, you can invest in a lined swim top to help keep you warm.  Remember that each pool’s temperature is different, so you might need to buy more than just one.


– 8 –

Carrier Container

A great way to get your wet gear home after swimming, is to put it into a plastic carrier container. You can buy one at your local hardware store. This way is much better than using your kitbag to get your wet gear home.


– 9 –

Take Good Care of Your Gear

Make sure that you wash your gear very well after each training session. The pool chemicals if not rinsed out properly, can damage your kit. Make sure to dry them all well.

– 10 –

Open Water Goggles

Last but not least, invest in a pair of mirrored goggles for the times where you will be swimming in open water. It is important if you will be trying it out, as your visibility in open water is truly essential for your safety.


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